Guess Where I Have Been

My excuse for not writing on my blog is truly lame: its school. See, told you LAME. My paper on transferring CIA drone strikes to the Pentagon has consumed any time I could possibly devote to writing. The rest of my time is devoted to calculus and economics. Yes, I have no life. If someone wants to offer me a full time writing or photography job, I would seriously consider it.

I do find time to climb, however. I took a day trip out to Smith Rocks and pulled on some great routes and got a few good shots. It was a much needed break after mid-terms and all that mess. Good news, after this class, I am out of writing classes to take; therefore, I will be left to write for those who wonder through the pages of High Sierra Collective (and lab reports and eventually a thesis. That last one is a long way off).

If you are still worried about closing your shutter in a National Forest read this (I just figured out how to link something using a word. How exciting.). Then you can share it with your friends or act like a rebel who takes pictures and breaks the rules (even though you not).

Just please don’t be like this girl. Her “art” was kind of creepy to me any way.

One With the Cranks

You can hardly call it light out. Even at 8am the sun, barely over the horizon, is shrouded by black clouds and rain. It doesn’t make you feel happy, yet, your not sad. You are relaxed and at peace. I’m dead set on a ride, forget about the rain. I put on my kit and riding jacket (not that it will protect me from much). I check the air in the tires and go. Before I peddle our of the driveway I’m soaked.


I watch as my tires shed water in streaks of brown droplets in a line behind them. They somehow manage to keep up with all the ambient water on the road. My helmet has a steady stream of droplets spewing off it into my glasses. Water is everywhere. I cannot feel my legs, they have become part of the cranks. They work in unison with the bike as if they were not part of my body. They, like the bike, don’t worry about being wet; they just push.


I cannot stop, they cannot stop. We are all soaked, but what do we care? Its our nature, we just push.

Extraordinary Nobody: A Life to Live

I think we all need to read this. I have posted essays by Andy Kirkpatrick before and they are always extraordinary, thought provoking pieces. This one in particular will really make you think about how you view your life and the lives of others. If you don’t feel like reading the whole thing, at least read the final few paragraphs.

The Kindness of People

I don’t like using the kindness of strangers, I don’t think that everyone is strange. Additionally, I think that people in general are kind.

Here is what I am thankful for today:

1. My Kindle: I read…a lot. Because I have a kindle now, I read a lot more….. Maybe I can consider myself a member of the 21st century. Hopefully this will help me keep in touch with my blog and get some more posts out…

2. People: I visited an antique store today and stumbled upon a shelf with older books. To my amazement, the book Worldly Philosophers was on it, a book I just so happen to need for my economics class. The book did not have a price and when I walked upfront counter to ask the attendant for a price and mention the books use to me she simply told me to keep it. I was floored, the book was going to cost me $20.

3. Family Time: We took the Sunday to visit a Japanese garden and have a lunch out. Nothing fancy or far away it was just time with family, much needed time with family.

The Coming of Fall

I need to get back to writing longer pieces and the coming of fall is the perfect time to do it. I have several started; however, school. Enough said there I think. I am taking a technical writing class this term, which I love; it takes up a lot of time. I want to keep you all interested so here is a list of the articles that I am trying to get done by the end of the year.

  • The National Forest’s “new” photography regulations – first of all they are NOT new; they have always been there you just haven’t really known about them. I want to clear up the ambiguity shrouding your lens while you take pictures in the national forests.
  • Parts II, III and IV of Positive Vibrations – This is the four part series that I started after I got back from my last Yosemite backpack. It is turning out nicely just not quickly.
  • A Leave No Trace (LNT) Page – LNT is something all outdoor-going folks should know about. It is a set of ethics that we all should follow whether we are in nature or walking in the city.
  • A Gratefulness Update – I have really enjoyed looking for the things that I am grateful for and writing about them.
  • Change my blog theme… again – WordPress has some really cool new themes. If you are looking for themes for you wordpress page follow the new theme adopters page

So guess what I am thankful for…

1. My Mother: Guess how many kids know how to wake up and make French toast? I don’t know but one of them is me. All because of my mother. That is not the only reason she is awesome. Guess who goes on all my backpacking trips with me? Yes, its Mom. But still she is more than just a chef and backpacking buddy, she is my mom.

2. French toast: need I say more. I heard about a bistro that has Crème Brule French toast….. I am not a fan of sweet things but to all you others that sounds good.

3.  These yellow/orange leafs – what the heck are these? A sign of awesome! I need to get out an photograph the birch trees in the yard. Some people become sad because of the fall weather, it makes me so much happier.