What is this Place?

_NIK7785_mstr copy_logo_300pxThe smell of hundred year old pine trees,

the tranquil sound of crystal clear, crisp snow melt rushing down stream

deflecting off the granite it has been polishing for centuries,

the sky blue with a vibrancy that only increase as one ascends,

granite slabs reflecting the rays of high altitude sunshine onto an ever-gazing face.

What is this place?

Surrounded by clean sculpted granite formations only imaginable in one’s wildest dream,

yet even there mere human imagination falls all too short.

This is a place sculpted by a master of creation,

the one true master himself.

What is this place?_NIK7746 copy_300px

Only in a place such as this can one experience pure tranquility,

pure peace,

purity in one’s being.

Thoughts are thoughtless,

noises carry no sound,

sights contain no images;

in this place there is only existence,

pure life.

Still what is this place?


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