Reopening National Parks

Thanks to funding from their respective states several National Parks have opened, and should remain open into the beginning of next week.

As we all know, the government shutdown has forced closure to all of our countries National Parks, National Recreation areas, and other government run facilities; forcing 20,000 parks service employees. It is an unfortunate issue, however, there are a few lights glistening at the end of the tunnel.

The State of Utah is paying $167,000 for every day their parks are to remain open; they have opened all five of their National Parks and three of their National Monuments are National Recreation Areas. Utah is a large tourist destination, bringing in over 100 Million dollars in the October season alone (The Salt Lake Tribune) . Being that this is Columbus Day weekend and part of the fall break for the Utah school system, it is advantageous for Utah to reopen its prized parks. So expect “heavy traffic on the entrance road and at parking lots and trails” (The National Park Service).

Colorado and Arizona are also following suite, paying to open Rocky Mountain and Grand Canyon National Parks.

The Grand Canyon will remain open until October 18th.

Unfortunately, it does not look like Yellowstone, Grand Teton, or Glacier National Parks will be opening; possibly due to the cost to run them and a lack of state revenue to fund them.

The closure of the National Parks is unfortunate, however, with seven national parks open the outdoor recreation community is having its options back up. There are still countless places throughout the country where you can engage in your outdoor activates relatively unaffected by the governments impasse.

You can follow this link to the National Park Service web site for more information:


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