John Muir: 100 Years of Legacy

_NIK7684_mstrcopy_logo_400pxI want inside His head, His thoughts. I want to see what He saw; learn what He learned. He, is John Muir. For me, he is the most inspiring man to ever walk the earth besides Jesus Christ. The things that he found in the mountains and the unparalleled inspiration that he received from traveling into the steep cathedrals of the mountains; I want to find what he found, to feel how he felt.

My nightly reading has consisted solely of his book “My First Summer in the Sierras.” When I read his words I see an insurmountable amount of love and admiration for anything wilderness. His appreciation for something as small as a single lily or flower. His humble words upon seeing the mountains of the Sierras for the first time are beyond what I would ever be able to put on paper.

What did he get out of being in the mountains? Unfortunately, I may never know or even have the slightest understanding of what he found in the mountains. Maybe, the question answers itself or is the answer. We all find something in the mountains, Muir himself said, “With every walk in nature one receives far more than he seeks.” It is not about finding what he found but searching to become found.

Over the last few months my thoughts have been drawn to the inspiration, the legacy, the thoughts, the writings, and journeys both on foot and in in spirit of John Muir; not only this, but searching the mountains to find myself, too. His words are so powerful and mean a great deal to those who have a deep longing to be in the mountains. Muir left, arguably, the greatest wilderness legacy of any other man; with this legacy he left an enigmatic calling on future generations to continue what he started.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the death of John Muir. Every month this year I plan to publish an article that outlines some the greatest journeys that John Muir embarked on during his lifetime, aiming to uncover his inspiration and his lasting legacy. In doing so, I am sure to make many journeys -both on foot and in spirit- myself. I would like to apologize for the gap in posts as school and family do take priority over blogging; I assure you that this series of articles (and many more in between) will be more consistent.


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