Yosemite: Preparations

There is that moment when your mind crosses over from chaos to a place of remarkable tranquility; a moment where your mind defies entropy and places the shattered pieces of your life back in a remarkable order. A timeless moment where you are at peace with yourself and the world around you. I write a lot about the Sierra Nevada’s, I think a lot about the Sierra Nevada’s; this is because ever since I was little, the place where that moment occurs is always somewhere in the High Sierra. One place in the Sierra’s I hold especially close is Yosemite National Park. There is an aura of great peace that surrounds Yosemite. This peace floods my soul whenever I enter, revitalizing my spirit.

I am again preparing to return to Yosemite. What I learned through many trips is that packing is not the only preparation that I must do, there is a huge mental aspect to my preparation. All too often I leave home searching for specific things  or I spend time asking too many questions; this is wrong. When I go there searching I tend to overlook what I am seeing and I lack the ability to renew myself and to find what it is that I need. The same goes when I spend time asking questions, I have no time to search. I have learned that I need to go with an open mind and I need to surrender my thoughts. The forests and the mountains have been there longer than I and they know what it is that I need. When I go in with this mindset I always come home fulfilled and I always find what it is I needed.

I encourage you to do the same; rather than searching, just get out and see what you find.

“With every walk in nature, one finds more the he seeks”

-John Muir


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