The Open Window

I am over joyed. There are birds singing their uniquely beautiful songs, as they have been since the early hours of the morning. I feel well rested and remarkably excited. I had forgotten this feeling of sunshine and a cool morning breeze that accompanies the return of spring. This is one reason why Oregon is my true home: unity with nature. It is something that I only use to feel when in some protected piece of wilderness hundreds of miles from my overcrowded Southern California home. Now, when I open my window in the morning, I hear the birds singing, hawks screeching, roosters calling, frogs croaking, wind blowing. As I lay in my bed I have to remind myself that I am not in a sleeping bag or a tent but in my room, at home; not a bad thing to have to do. The sounds of the morning are what inspire me to live in such a way that when I wake up each morning there is nothing I regret. To me, living here is like a perpetual backpacking trip, inspiration constantly trickles through my head, revitalizing my mundane thoughts.  The mountain cathedrals of Yosemite, how I long to dwell in you again.


2 thoughts on “The Open Window

  1. Beautiful sentiments! I am lucky enough to visit Yosemite again and again, but I would love to plant my tent in Oregon for a while to experience those northwestern mountains.

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