Compass Rose: A New Kind of Garment

The outdoor clothing market is constantly flooded with the newest fabrics, insulations, or manufacturing methods from big names like The North Face, Outdoor Research, and Mountain Hardwear. Given these conditions, it seems hard to imagine how a company like GoLite or Rab could stay in business, let alone a small town company like Compass Rose Apparel. I bet that you have never heard of them, which does not come as a surprise because they are just getting off the ground; I don’t think it will be long before you do. Like all big companies before them, these three veterans came together to design a remarkable product. From what I have seen from them, they have what it takes to make a high quality garment.

It’s a flannel. What is more manly than a flannel shirt? A flannel shirt that you won’t have to change before you hit the bar after a day splitting wood; made in America, by Americans. Their goal was to create a flannel shirt that you could wear on the range, in the field, or at the lumber yard and still be able to go to dinner with you wife and look like the gentlemen you are. They are tailor fit to look nice when you need them to, yet give you full range of motion when you need to swing an axe or mount a gun.

The shirt itself is made in America, by Americans, from American materials. The wooden buttons on the sleeves and the high quality, lightweight woven flannel come from a North Carolina based textile business run by veterans. To keep the front of the shirt looking clean they stitched their logo onto the back of the shirt, allowing you to promote yourself not the shirt; “the man makes the clothes.” The collar uses stays not buttons, this ads style and comfort. The bottom of the sleeves are cut at a 45 degree angle to help keep them from catching on things as you work.

The company is run by veterans with more than a decade of Special Operations and Wall Street experience. Compass Rose is helping veterans and American businesses by using a transparent supply chain here in America. Rather than sending their shirts overseas to be made with lower production costs, they kept their production in America. This supplies Americans with jobs and gives you a shirt that is made with the pride of American workers so you can wear it with pride. Like true American made products, Compass Rose Flannels are built for quality not quantity. These are more than flannels, they create American jobs, support our economy and all the while keep you clothed while hard at work or at a nice dinner.

Compass Rose is just getting off the ground so their flannels are not yet available for purchase. I am excited for the release of their flannels, I look forward to wearing one myself.

Check out their full story on their web site:

If you like what you see, you can support them through their KickStarter:


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