The Cup is Always Half-Full: Defeating ALS

Not all aspects of life are going to be full of joy and positive vibes. Even if your cup is half-full, there is still room for some disappointments and sorrows. November 25th, 2008 my grandmother succumbed to ALS, a disease that attacks the nervous system that leads to loss of all body functions and eventually death. One of those not so great things about life. Ever since that day I have worn an ALS support bracelet, for 2,030 days it has reminded me of her struggle and inspired my positive outlook on life.

On July 12th my mother and I will be partaking in an ALS Ride to Defeat, a 100 mile course through the Willamette valley raising money to help defeat ALS. Maybe you know someone who has or had ALS or maybe you know nothing about it, here is your chance to learn a little more about it or even help me raise money to work towards a cure. I find it hard to ask people who I have never met to donate to a cause they have probably never heard of; however, it is not about me, it is about the millions of people effected by ALS and the person every 90 minutes that is diagnosed with ALS. If you feel gracious I would encourage you to donate. If you can’t donate, pray for us or hit me with some encouragement in the comments(100 miles is a LONG way). Thank you all for reading. Remember the cup is ALWAYS half-full.

If you feel like donating here is a link:


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