Gratitude Challenge: The Start

For me it is about the little things. The little “pixels” of the day add up to an incredible big picture view. Plus details are fun, I like tedious work. A really good blog I follow started a series: “The Gratitude Challenge.” Every day for 30 days you write things you are grateful for. The first day just one thing and increase the number of things by one each day. I feel that we can all benefit from picking out the little things in the day and recognizing how they effect us. Here is day one.

1. Family: Happy Labor day everyone! Usually a day for family, friends, and food on the grill. Today my family is getting all three, minus me. I am obligated to go to work. Still I get to spend the early part of the day spending time with my family preparing the house for friends and food. I truly enjoy seeing the teamwork used to prepare for a good day. More than just that it is my family who has gotten me to where I am at and they are the ones who are always there. So on this wonderful labor day my gratitude is focused on family.


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