Day 6: The Best of Your Enviornment

I decided it would be better to post the challenge from the day before every morning. It gives me more time to reflect on the day.

1. Hot weather: By the time I am tired of the heat the rain and the cool always come. It’s September, fall is near.

2. Shade: It is the cornerstone of a nice day of reading outside.

3. Fans: My ceiling fan is truly a saving grace during the summer. The feeling of the wind cooling my face as I sleep is fantastic. It reminds me of camping when you wake up to the gentle wind blowing on a brisk morning.

4. Maps: I absolutely love maps. Following trails and contours is so intriguing. Old maps are time machines. You have a window into trails that once were and the landscape of long ago. Maps are common ground for all adventures; a book written in a universal language if you will.

5. Automatic Windows in a car: One button and the window is down. Really helpful in a hurry. I still love the old school cranks though.

6. Quiet: this is a big one. It takes 10,000 hours of recording to be able to piece to together an hour of silence in our modern world. When I stepped out of the car last night it was absolutely silent and I love that.



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