Creepy, Yet Thought Provoking

1. Spiders: Have you ever just sat and watched a spider spin its web? Or ever thought about all that they do? They are so graceful, so precise. They truly are fascinating creatures. And one particular spider really made my day yesterday.

2. Time: Well its pretty thought provoking. Especially for an aspiring physicist such as myself. Just sit and think about time for a few moments.

3. The Ability to Construct Abstract Thoughts: With a big emphasis on “abstract.” Is it not amazing that we can all think in such a verity of ways? Aristotle, Plato, The Apostles, Euclid, Einstein, and so many more. And you.

4. Rules: Yesterday was, well, difficult. It got that way because of rules and was resolved because of my ability to read and explain rules. Working at a rockwall, rules are required.

5. Nylon: I Climb. If its not aluminum its nylon. nylon is the really important part.

6. The Toilet Plunger: I don’t think I need to explain why.

7. My Green Journals:  EVERYTHING goes into these journals. Thoughts, notes, questions, ideas. Its all there. I have over 10 of them. Yes, I have an addiction to writing.


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