What racoons and funk have in common.

They are both on written somewhere in these 833 words.

There is really nothing like a bad week. You get in a funk and then you are stuck there. One thing that has made me happy over the course of my multiday funk was this gratitude challenge. I kept track of those little things I have been grateful for. I DID NOT ABANDON THE CHALLENGE. Check it out

1. raccoons: Apparently they are vicious animals. I wouldn’t know; all of my correspondence with them is attempting to avoid them while driving. There was a family of four raccoons on my way home from work the other day. Mom was on one side two had yet to cross and one couldn’t decide if it was safer to run to mom or sibbilings. It was a moment to stop and think.

2. High Beams: The previous circumstance was made possible by the high beams on my car. I probably would have hit them without them.

3. Church: one of those things that I need, truly NEED. It kept me on track this week despite other circumstances.

4. The Ball Point Pen: Could you imagine having to write with a pen and quill? All the time, no. It would be really cool, unpractical, however.

5. Little slots of time for naps: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

6. The Petzl Gri-Gri: SO MANY LIVES SAVED!!!!

7. Texas Instruments TI-89: It saved my grade in the final weeks of my trig class. Imaginary numbers are fun, as long as you have the right calculator to handle  hem. Did I mention I am an extreme nerd?

8. The Fender Jazz Bass: I do play bass, well I’m learning (are we not always). The Fender Jazz Bass is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. So smooth. Very relaxing.

9. Coronal Mass Ejections (a solar flare): I did tell you I’m a nerd, right? There was a possibility that I could see the Arora Borealis from my house!!!

10. My roof: I doesn’t leak. It is always there. More importantly I have one! I am grateful for that.

11. Yes’s Starship Trooper: It is one of my favorite songs. Absolutely amazing!

12. More specifically, the final movement: Wurm: Four minutes of pure musical bliss. I strongly recommend you listen.

13. Following the lines of music still, Yes’s album Fragile: It was the first album I ever got. I was fiver or six and it was Easter in Joshua Tree National Park. My favorite album by far.

14. My Bible: Talk about things that get you through the day.

15: Black Tea: Just your standard Lipton black. Easy to brew. Not much work required, yet very relaxing.

16. Fresh eggs: we have chickens and they lay A LOT of eggs. We get eight or so a day…

17. The roosters: yes you read that right roosters, that is plural; we have two of them. One of which begins crowing at 4 am. It is nice to hear. Sometimes.

18. The fact that my bento box can hold my sandwich: I got a bento box for school and I did not think that its larger compartment would be able to hold the bread I use for my sandwiches (it is larger than a standard loaf). IT DOES!!!!

19. Spellcheck: I am surprised that I left this one until now. I am a HORRIBLE speller. I spelled surprised wrong and sandwiches.

20. Rain: Some people hate it. EVERYONE in the Pacific Northwest is ready for it. How would your garden grow without it?

21. Cameras: The ability to express how you feel and capture emotion with a camera is astounding. Think about how may times a day YOU use a camera. Or something the benefits you uses a camera.

22. Digital Photography: Now think about how much you use a camera and how difficult it would be if it was a film camera.

23. Adobe: They bring us so many lovely programs. I did not actually realize that I could not do really anything on the web without Adobe Flash Player. All that behind the scenes work.

24. Adobe Lightroom: Very powerful and beginner friendly. If you are just getting into editing photos or photography I recommend lightroom.

25. Kelby training: I would know about _ that much about Lightroom if it was not for Kelby Training. If you want to get good at Lightroom, GET KELBY TRAINING. (I’m not paid to say that, it would be cool if I were though).

26. Watches: Timer, chronograph, alarm, heart rate, altimeter, barometer, depth meter, compass, storm alarm, all on my wrist. I think James Bond is a little envious of that one. Oh, it tells time, too.

27. SCHOOL: It has not started yet. I cant wait.

28. People that are more grateful than I: It is like a call to action that I need to be more positive about my circumstances.

29. Ansel Adams: I have two of his photographs in my room. They are portals into another world.

30. Bad days: you have to have bad ones to know when the good ones are.

I leave you with that my friends. There will be more tomorrow. Because, well, tomorrow is a new day.





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