School and Narnia

You thought I forgot. Well I didn’t. I told you that I would decipher the smoke and mirrors that distort the “new” photography regulations in the National Forests; I will. I am waiting for the dust to settle. Just know this: the average armature photographer is safe. It basically only applies to you if you use props or models, require access to closed areas of the forest, require guided assistance (i.e. a ranger), and a few other circumstances. They are NOT trying to charge you for taking a picture of a frog on a log.

Any way. School started yesterday and it has been crazy.

1. Positive People: When you are breaking new ground for yourself it is helpful to have positive people around you. Especially when those people are supervisors.

2.Memories: There is this one spot on campus that always reminds me of Joshua Tree National Park. I cannot pinpoint what about this spot suddenly reminds me of it but it always does. It is truly fascinating. One of my favorite spots on campus.

3. Fantasy Writing: In a bad mood? Pick up The Chronicles of Narnia and a cup of tea. Problem solved.


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