Welcome Fall

I walked outside my home yesterday, it was cold…at 10 o’clock. Welcome fall and all that you bring……

1. All things Pumpkin: It’s more than just a vegetable (or a melon, I don’t know what it is besides delicious); pumpkin is the food that defines a season. It is the second most consumed pie in America and it is only really eaten one day out of the year. Starbucks brought their pumpkin late back…in august! August! Southern California was still having 100+ deg days. Pumpkin shows fall is here, or on its way.

2. Leaves: We really don’t notice them until fall when they are different. Here is to the leaves.

3. Cozy Articles of Clothing: Sweaters, jackets, sweat pants, beanies, scarfs, all of those things that make you feel warm and cozy inside and out.


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