The Kindness of People

I don’t like using the kindness of strangers, I don’t think that everyone is strange. Additionally, I think that people in general are kind.

Here is what I am thankful for today:

1. My Kindle: I read…a lot. Because I have a kindle now, I read a lot more….. Maybe I can consider myself a member of the 21st century. Hopefully this will help me keep in touch with my blog and get some more posts out…

2. People: I visited an antique store today and stumbled upon a shelf with older books. To my amazement, the book Worldly Philosophers was on it, a book I just so happen to need for my economics class. The book did not have a price and when I walked upfront counter to ask the attendant for a price and mention the books use to me she simply told me to keep it. I was floored, the book was going to cost me $20.

3. Family Time: We took the Sunday to visit a Japanese garden and have a lunch out. Nothing fancy or far away it was just time with family, much needed time with family.


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