Coming Up

There is a little bit of a give and take with travel and adventure writing: to write, you need to experience life; experiencing life makes you, well, busy. Which is okay long as you have an outline and a plan for the things you would like to write. Alas, I have said plan!

I watched a great video of filmmaker Mathieu Le Lay scrambling around in the alps (check out the video here). He talked about how working on personal projects helps him reconnect and expand creativity. I’m trying to do the same.

Plans always have a better chance of succeeding when you share your plan with others. So, here is my plan and what I’m working on.

Gear Reviews:

I got quite a bit of new gear for trips I took over the summer and for trips I plan on taking in the coming months. I have also been sent some gear to review on said trips. Here is what is in line to be reviewed.

  • Hedgehog Tactical First Aid Kits – Hedgehog Tactical sent me one of their unique first aid kit that I have been able to put through the ringer over the last two months.
  • Mountain Hardwear Hueco 35 – The new crag pack that spent four weeks in constant use and has taken the beating quite well.
  • La Sportiva Xplorer – Six days in the alpine of Washington and two solid days of (attempted) peak bagging in the Oregon Cascades all synthetic approach shoes have some awesome features worth raving about.
  • Mammut 10.2 Gravity Dry 70m – Some may say a rope is a rope, this is not your ordinary rope.


I went on a six day climbing trip to Leavenworth Washington in early September, which has produced several essays and numerous photographs. Much more on this trip will be coming within the next few weeks.

Thank you all for reading. Get out there and breath the mountain air.


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