The Fleeting Glimpse

Life has a balance between dreams and reality. Reality being the status quo, dreams being a desired status quo. Balance lies in between reality and dreams.

Motivation is the fleeting glimmer connecting perceived reality to dreams. it is not something that is necessary understood: it is there or it is not. Searching for motivation is, in essence, chasing after the wind. Accepting motivation’s ghostly nature requires a certain amount of faith and a reasonable bout of patience. Motivation is the constant reminder that dreams are attainable, keeping us from the mundane. It is the darkness that allows us to see the stars.

It is all so difficult, so taxing to realize where motivation lies and how it drives us to reach our goals. To obtain a genuine amount of motivation is a relenting task; a daunting feat of the mind. Insofar, motivation is meant to disturb, it is meant to drive one from a life of conformity – a life void of meaning. Humans have a natural tendency to desire a life of self-defined extravagance; yet, humans are also plagued by the inability to commit to the conditions that would lead them to such a life. Humans, naturally, desire to conform.

My dreams and my reality are at a point where they could intertwine; it doesn’t take much. One successful expedition, one unsurmountable summit is all it would take to loft me into the world of my dreams. I spend my days writing about mountains and dreams of climbing them, what I consistently avoid is what is going on inside my own head. Each day I walk through life with a war raging within my mind: my dreams battle with reality. I sit back as if it is a stage, watching to see the outcome; who will win in this battle royal of normality vs. my dream scape hyper-normality.

The truth is, I know who will win. If I continue to sit back and watch, normality will take over and my dreams will forever remain dreams. The battle is in my mind; it is within myself. Whichever side I chose to embrace will win. If I truly desire to obtain my dreams, then I must allow them to take hold of me. I must let my dreams consume me and define who I am and what I do. If my dreams are the path that I am supposed to follow, then it is the path that I shall walk. Dreams should only remain dreams for a little while. Eventually, you need to turn them into your reality.



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