“Right now there is some lesson that I haven’t quite learned and the answers are on the walls or in the mountains, and I think that is why we keep going back is to try to figure it out, try to have some higher meaning in life.”

-Dean Potter

High Sierra Collective is in a state of perpetual change, as am I. Wilderness is such a powerful force and High Sierra Collective is about expressing this force via a multitude of mediums. As I continue to find a deeper connection with wilderness I have realized how much of my everyday life is impacted by it. Because of the lifestyle I live, I am constantly journaling, asking questions and seeking answers. I think that is what High Sierra Collective is about questions and how we find the answers. As in Dean Potter’s quote, the answers are on the walls, in the mountains, in the wind, on the trails, along the river, in the trees, under the stars, in a tent, behind a camp stove. Answers are in the silence, the noise, in words and pictures, in wilderness. This blog is about my question and the journey that leads to an answer. The best part about the answer: it is always another question.

Through sharing my journeys I hope to educate people on how to travel in wilderness. Leave No Trace and sustainability are so important if we want to preserve wilderness for the generations to come. It won’t always be blatantly obvious, more like the spoon full of sugar your mom use to give you with medicine. It is a (hopefully) good story with Leave No Trace woven into it. I love to see people experience true wilderness so with trip reports, gear reviews and how to guides I hope to get more people out there.



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